Public Speaking

As a Microsoft Technical Evangelist I speak to technical communities/meetups about applying a variety of Microsoft technologies. You can request a presentation by completing this form or pinging me on Twitter (@paulfo).

I’m happy to speak at almost any meetup that can be expected to exceed 30 attendees.

My current areas of focus are below, but if you have other ideas do contact me to discuss.

Applied technology:

  1. Inspiring the next generation: Extreme Microbit robotics and VSCode
  2. How to deliver City wide IoT to unleash innovation
  3. How to build long range IoT solutions in a day
  4. Using Azure IoT Hub to control consumer electronics via Alexa
  5. Project Patrick: Virtual Assistant building – bringing MPC, IoT and Cognitive services together

Technology product overview:

  1. Azure IoT Suite
  2. Windows IoT Core
  3. Cognitive Services

Sessions are between 30mins to 90mins, they contain a number of demonstration elements which includes coding and code review.

Please use this contact page to request a technical presentation to your technical community.