New speaking sessions

LinuxlondonI am able to deliver the following fun and informative talks at meetups with more than 30 attendees. The talks can be structure to fit 30mins to 1hour time slots.

Please connect with me on twitter (@paulfo ) to discuss.

Inspiring the next generation: Extreme Microbit robotics and VSCode

Showing the next generation of developers just how powerful the Microbit really is. In this fun session I’ll show my Connect 4 playing robot arm and my self-balancing robot. I built both projects to show just what could be achieved with the Microbit. All solution code for both projects runs entirely on the Microbit. Using the mbed Yotta toolset from within Visual Studio Code, this session demonstrates how to build native applications on the Microbit, extend the student PXT development environment with custom packages, and make the Microbit do more than you could ever image. Filled with hints and tips this session makes a fun addition to any technology meetup and will inspire you to do more.

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How to deliver City wide IoT to unleash innovation

As IoT descends the ‘peak of inflated expectations’ and falls into the ‘trough of disillusionment’, how do we move forward to realise its once promised potential? Well we build City wide, free, long range networks enabling anyone to start creating solutions. In this session I’ll show the tools and technologies that enable IoT innovation. From long range sensor nodes for £10 to City wide networks for all and how to grow an idea into a commercial solution robustly. Sharing first hand experience, sensor node designs, enabling gateway software and rapid solution architectures, this session will inspire you to revisit IoT and the innovation it offers.

How to build long range IoT solutions in one day

At the core of innovation is the ability to rapidly test an idea and iterate quickly through its development. In this session I show how to go from zero to hero and deliver IoT proof of concept solutions using industrial grade technologies in a single day. Building on the powerful services in the Azure cloud, and exploiting the accessibility of electronics today, this session builds from sensor node design, PCB construction, backhaul network infrastructure to cloud telemetry and command & control solution architectures. Giving you the skills to rapidly demonstrate IoT Business solutions. IoT demonstrators can be rapidly delivered on industrial scale, robust platforms for only tens of pounds. This session gives you the skills to get started.

Using Azure IoT Hub to control consumer electronics via Alexa

IoT telemetry solutions are so yesterday. Now we want to be able to deliver global scale command and control to connected consumer electronics devices via voice service devices like Amazon’s Echo. This session demonstrates how to use the global scale infrastructure of Azure IoT Hub to deliver device command and control from voice services such as Amazon’s Alexa and Microsoft’s Cortana. This session covers IoT Hub functionality and solution extensions to integrate voice services into the IoT Hub cloud to device message capability.