EMF Camp Sumo Competition – win a drone.

ZumoAs part of the Microsoft activities at EMF Camp we are offering the opportunity to win an Parrot AR Drone 2.0 to the winner of the micro-sumo robot competition.

Friday thru Saturday, you’ll have the opportunity to create/modify Arduino Sumo code to create you customer Sumo robot control program. Participants will then be invited to compete in a fun sumo competition Saturday late afternoon.

Physical robots will be allocated randomly for testing and competition. Participants will have a short time to deploy and test to their allocated robot prior to their combat round.

We have only a small number of robots and will limit the number of competitors. Robots will need to be shared during development and testing which will take place at the Microsoft marquee behind Stage C. Look for the Microsoft Village on the EMF Camp map.

Details of the code available to get you started:


Micro sumo robots!

The robot is a Pololu Zumo Robot (https://www.pololu.com/product/2510 ).

You need to have the Arduino IDE installed on your machine, download it from https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software

Software files are available from the Pololu GitHub:


The basic getting started sumo program is within the examples directory called SumoCollisionDetect

The objective of a sumo match is to push your opponent out of the Dojo ring before the match time runs out. The robots have only minimal sensors making opponent detection possible only by touch.

The basic sumo program provides the key requirements of a sumo player:

1)     Button timed start, and stop

2)     Dojo ring edge detection – keeps your robot within the ring.

3)     Collision detection

4)     Basic battle strategy

1 to 3 are required to participate in a sumo match.

4 is where you can weave your magic! Build a battle strategy to win. This may be a random act strategy (run, fight) or a smart strategy guided by sensor collision data (where did I hit, which direction should I run/fight?).

Our Zumo robots have one additional feature – a Bluetooth adapter. This enables you to pass a telemetry stream to another machine for off device processing and the return of action command.

Unlike formal Sumo robot competitions, we are allowing and encourage off device analysis of the telemetry stream as this represents a realistic IoT scenario in industry J

We will hold a Sumo Challenge competition Saturday look at the online EMF Camp schedule for exact timings.

The winning team will get an AR Parrot Drone 2.0.



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