Microsoft is a Gold Sponsor of EMF Camp 2016.

We have our ‘Make. Invent. Do’ village at the start of Camping C. You’ll easily spot our marquee.

We have a variety of talks, activities and workshops on offer including:

  • robofloatMicrobit programming
  • Project Patrick: build your own household assistant
  • IoT device and cloud connectivity
  • Micro-sumo robots: building a battle strategy

We’ll have some exhibits as well including:

  • Microbit Connect 4 Robot
  • Microbit Robo-Float
  • Sea Perch Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle
  • Magic Mirror
  • Microbit Hexapod robot
  • Project Patrick Raspberry Pi digital assistant

The activities are offered as ‘walk in’ tasks, pop in a do as much as you like. Don’t be shy, the Microsoft team will be happy to help you get started or if you get stuck. We are planning a guided microbit programming workshop to help beginners of all ages explore this new device.

Each activity will have a short introductory talk scheduled across the camp days so you can get a broaWP_20160602_10_39_57_Richder understanding of the activity before having a go.

Here are some more details on each activity:

Microbit programming:

The BBC microbit provides a highly accessible Internet of Things device which can be easily programmed using a number of different programming tools, all from your web browser! Explore the http://microbit.co.uk programming tutorials using our microbits and then look at the various microbit robots we have to start planning your microbit invention!

Project Patrick:


Project Patrick is a cloud connected speech controlled digital assistant – like Amazon’s Echo. You can easily build your own ‘Patrick’ to run on your PC or your Raspberry Pi 3. All base code and services are available from GitHub. Patrick uses Windows 10 speech recogniser and speech to text voices to listen and respond. It uses the LUIS cognitive service to easily determine the command to execute.  A simple services model means you can easily build your own services and extend your Patrick.

IoT Device and cloud connectivity

Learn how to build, program and connect a Feather M0 to Microsoft Azure’s IOT Hub, a commercial IoT platform designed to support millions of devices globally. Use our Azure IoT Starter Kits to build a simple sensor solution and connect it to the cloud.

Micro-sumo robots: building a battle strategy

UZumosing the Arduino based Pololu Zumo V1.2 robot, come and build a battle strategy using the Arduino coding tools and test it in combat at our mini Sumo Dojo. Our Zumos are Bluetooth enabled so now you can use remote computing power to! Micro-sumo is a fun way to get into real time IoT device solution design. Come play, and test your metal in our sumo competition!


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